Grant Nelson is a music producer, remixer and international DJ from the UK. He secured his first paid DJ gig at the age of 15 and signed his first record deal at the age of 20. As a music producer he has had many aliases over the years, two of the most prolific being Wishdokta (Hardcore / Drum n Bass) and Bump & Flex (UK Garage). He has produced a huge catalogue of his own music, and nearly as many remixes for other artists, since 1991. He has toured extensively across the world as a DJ for the past 36 years and runs his own internet radio station called D3EP Radio Network.

1971 - Grant Nelson was born in Essex, England.

1978 - He began messing around with his parents stereo system's by rigging up two separate hi-fi's and placing the speakers next to each other in front of a cassette deck with a built in mic. By meticulously recording & pausing he managed to splice together his first remixes.

1984 - Grant was bought a Korg Mono/Poly synthesizer for a birthday present and began teaching himself how to play the keyboard. He also had honed his splicing skills somewhat and was now re-mixing Electro cuts for his breakdance crew (don't ask!)

1985 - Formed a band with some school mates and they set out performing covers of pop tracks of the day including The Pet Shop Boys, Jody Watley, Harold Faltermeyer and other dance influenced music. This was also the year that he mailed off his remix of The Jets "Crush On You" to MCA records. He heard nothing back, but as fate would have it, years later he would end up doing a considerable amount of work for the label.

1986 - Persuaded his mum to invest in some "proper" dj decks, although they still didn't have pitch control, and was booked and paid for his first professional DJ gig. This led to a whole bunch of other gigs and quickly he was playing parties all over the place.

1987 - Grant hooked up with a friend with some financial back up and they began to throw their own Acid parties. All went well until one of the venues they had hired was trashed during a party and they got hit with the clean up bill. He went back to playing for other people after that!

1990 - Was offered a summer-long DJ contract in Jersey, CI where he was one of the first Dj's to bring the UK Rave scene to the island. The parties he played at became legendary, one even involved him being sacked from the booth for refusing the turn the music down which resulted in a mini-riot that shortly got him reinstated.

1991 - Got his first recording contract with London based Kickin' Records after sending in a really rough demo recorded on a budget 4 track tape machine. The Wishdokta was born!

1992 - Toured extensively as Wishdokta playing at some of the most prolific events & clubs in Europe including the Raindance raves in the UK & Tresor in Berlin. 1993 - Hooked up with DJ Vibes and began producing some of the HappyHardcore scene's biggest anthems. This was also the year that he met George Power, one of Kiss FM's founders. Together they launched the Nice 'N' Ripe record label.

1994 - Numerous club hits with DJ Vibes while Grant's Nice 'n' Ripe releases were, unknowingly to him, laying the building blocks of a brand new UK house sound. It is because of his production output during this period why Grant is often referred to as the Godfather of UK Garage.

1995 - Grant founded Swing City Records with his partner Kate Ross. A label that would go on to become one of the World's most prolific independent house music labels.

1997 - With his Bump & Flex moniker he began smashing the newly created 2 Step Garage scene with one hit after another. Remixing artists like James Brown, Kelis, Aaliyah, Gabrielle etc

1998 - Formed N'n'G with legendary London DJ, Norris 'Da Boss' Windross. Their second single "Right Before My Eyes" was a commercial pop hit and is still, to this day, regarded as one of the biggest anthems of the genre. They also won an award for "Best Single" at the UK Garage awards the following year. The pair also release a popular double mix CD called "Ride The Underground" on Solid State. Grant's single "Step 2 Me" is signed to Virgin records.

1999 - After his partner Kate had signed the track in it's original Latin/Jazz fusion format, Grant remixed & reproduced "Cada Vez" by Negrocan, which went on to sell over 2 million copies world-wide. It has been covered many times in many languages and has cemented it's place in house music history as one of the most successful latin house tracks of all time.

2000 - Compiles & mixes a double CD for Logic records entitled "Grant Nelson : In The Mix"

2001 - Under his Bump & Flex alter ego, Grant produced the Top 5 UK Single "B With Me" for pop band Mis-Teeq. Bump & Flex also sign their own single "Promises" to Warner Bros. UK.

2002 - Bump & Flex continue to remain one of the UK's most in demand production team's and score more hit remixes for the likes of Liberty X & Beverley Knight.

2003 - M-Gee (Grant & production partner Matt Schwartz) release "Bodyswerve" featuring Mica Paris on vocals. It became an instant classic and has been included on numerous compilations across the Globe. It has also recently been covered by De'lacy & Marco Gee.

2004 - A year of numerous remixes for 3rd party record labels, along with productions for his own Swing City label & a hectic dj’ing schedule.

2005 - Under his Nu Rhythmix guise Grant scores another 2 big hitters with "Babylon (Into A Groove)" & "Origins". The latter was picked up by the BBC as the theme music for their athletics coverage throughout the year.

2006 - Grant's remix of Solu Music's "Fade" turned a cool soulful house track into a world-wide commercial hit.

2007 - Grant releases "Spellbound" which becomes an international club hit!

2008 - Grant wrote & produced all of the content for the hugely successful "Ministry Of Sound Anthems" iPhone app. Along with Francesco Diaz, Grant mixed the House Affair 3 compilation for Music Mail in Germany. Grant also relaunches his seminal label from the mid-90's "Nice 'n' Ripe" with the first release flying straight to the top of the download charts.

2009 - "Brave New World" is another No.1 download and another club smash for Grant! In October he began presenting his own radio show on www.ssradio.com. "Housecall" was an instant hit and is currently being syndicated around the world on various FM & Digital stations.

2010 - Grant unleashes a latin based house track called "Brazilian Knights" which hits the No.1 download spot in less than 3 days as did his "Black Water" single with Cathy Battistessa which became one of the biggest soulful house tracks of the year. Compiled & mixed the compilation "20 Years Of Joey Negro" for Z Records as well as delivering hit club remixes for Soul Central, Richard Earnshaw & Raven Maize.

2011 - Toured extensively around the world and had another No.1 download with his only single of 2011 "Stealing Love". Grant's Housecall radio show passes the 2 million regular listener's mark and has become one of the most popular house music radio shows on the airwaves currently being syndicated to 44 Radio Stations around the planet.

2012 - Grant released his single Sundown which hit the #1 spot on Traxsource and then followed that up with a massive remix of his own "Babylon (Into A Groove)" recorded under his Nu Rhythmix moniker. His remix of Losh's "Nothing Can Come Between Us" was another club smash and then late in the year he dropped another club bomb with his single "Twelve" & a quickly followed it up with his remix of "You Made Me Do It" by Sonny Fodera & Danny Kane which sat at the #1 spot on Traxsource for over 5 weeks. This year also saw the launch of Grant's brand new record label Freeze Dried which was an instant hit with the debut single topping the download charts and subsequent singles all doing extremely well on Traxsource & Beatport.

2013 - Grant is widely regarded as the Godfather Of UK Garage and his pivotal role in the history of this genre has been documented in a movie called "Rewind - The History Of UK Garage". He was nominated for Best International DJ at the 2013 DDJ Awards and headlined a stage at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival.

2014 - Apart from producing remixes for Sam Smith, Blonde, All About She, Random Soul, Mode Nine feat. Damon Trueitt, Majestic & Jungle 70, Grant also launched his own on-line radio station in September called D3EP Radio Network (www.d3ep.com), a station with over 100 DJ's from every continent on the planet playing various forms of underground dance music from House & Garage to Drum 'n' Bass.

2015 - A hectic DJ Schedule that took him all over the planet, highlights included playing at the last ever Southport Weekender. Remixes for MDNGHT, Sannie and Richard Earnshaw along with a new tougher remix of Solu Music's Fade that is another instant club smash. Housecall continues to get bigger and bigger, currently reaching over 3 million listeners around the world on a multitude of stations every fortnight.

2016 - Remixes for
Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco, Thomas Teago and for both of Jonas Blue's first two hit singles, "Fast Car" and "Perfect Strangers".

2017 - his long awaited "Move Close" single is released on D-Vine Sounds. Remixes for Melanie C, Bird,
MYBADD feat. Olivia Holt and Andreas Moss.

2019 - Grant releases 2 singles, the underground bomb "In The Dark" and the disco fused "Last Dance" featuring Solara. He also remixes Clublands classic "Let's Get Busy" and Z Factor's "Gotta Keep Pushin".

2020 - Releases "The Nice 'N' Ripe EP", "Work That Body" and the club smash "Breakaway". Covid puts a temporary hold on all live gigs.

2022 - Grant's remix of Basement Jaxx's "Red Alert" flies to the top of the Traxsource charts and sits there for over 4 weeks. Also remixes for Kellie Sae and Dave Lee & Omar, the latter entering the Traxsource Soulful House chart at #1. He begins touring once again after a two year break due to the pandemic.

2023 - His "Relentless" single on Swing City Records makes history by becoming the first ever track from the Garage genre to hit the #1 spot on the Traxsource chart. In a single 24 hour period it is featured on Pete Tong's "Essential Mix" on BBC Radio 1, DJ Spoonys "Good Groove" on BBC Radio 2 and Mark Knight makes it his Killer Cut Of The Week on Kiss FM. He scores another Traxsource #1 with his remix of Risk Assessment feat. Monica Blaire and 2 more Top 10 tracks with "In Motion" and "Tonight", the latter holding the #1 spot in the Garage chart for several weeks.

Grant has also released several sample libraries for record producers, the first of which was the highly acclaimed "Studio Essentials", which has featured on numerous commercial recordings. The Studio Essentials series is now up to it's 4th voume. In 2009 he released "Chordworx", a software system enabling non-keyboard playing producers to create complex chord arrangements for their own productions which became the Number 1 selling Producer Pack on Traxsource in 2009. In 2020 he released "Just For Kicks" another sample library and "90s House 'n' Garage", a selection of 100 original drumloops in multitrack format. The loops were all designed in the style of early garage house tracks from the mid 90s. 2022 saw the release of "Studio Essentials FX & Transitions". It's testament to the quality and useability of Grant's production libraries that in the summer of 2022, many years after some of them were released, four of his production and sample libraries are sitting in the Top 20 best selling Sounds & Samples titles on Traxsource.

Grant has built up a vast discography across various musical genres, including over 500 productions & remixes for Jamiroquai, Jodeci, Simply Red, GUY, James Brown, Another Level, The Artful Dodger, Beverly Knight, Liberty X, Towa Tei, Frankie Knuckles, Alexander O'Neal, Rosie Gaines, Mis-Teeq, Hinda Hicks, Bebel Gilberto, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Reel People, Roy Ayers, The Audio Bullys, Murk, MJ Cole, Tyler James, Agnes, Chieko Kinbara, Sam Smith, Mel C, Sigma, Jonas Blue, Basement Jaxx, Dave Lee and Avicii to name just a few.

He is a prolific & highly acclaimed DJ that has played at venues & festivals right across the world. Some of the countries he has performed in include; Australia, Austria, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain (Mainland, Ibiza & Mallorca), Tenerife, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Thailand, Croatia, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Yugoslavia, South Africa, Estonia, Moldova, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Brazil and Morocco as well as across the USA and the UK.